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AENY is committed to providing in-service engineering support that enables our customers to integrate state-of-the-art enhancements with legacy systems while sustaining enterprise operations. We can transform an operational need into a description of system requirements, and assess, plan, evaluate, direct, and execute the management of your program. 

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Facilities Engineering

​Areas of Support

  • Surveillance, access control and security systems for public transportation facilities, bridges, tunnels and marine terminals
  • Radar, X-Ray. CTX/EDS scanners, gamma scanners, and EZ Pass;
  • Emergency evacuation systems;
  • Telecom, intercom, and radio communications systems;
  • Waterfront facilities engineering
  • Elevator and people moving systems;
  • Crane and crane foundation condition surveys and certification audit support;
  • Construction drawings, tracking databases, and maintenance
          management tools; and
  • Installation/alteration design.

  • Project management and owner representation; 
  • Feasibility studies;
  • System architecture, engineering, installation, and integration;
  • Contract and detail construction drawings, specifications, and standards
  • Engineering analyses, simulation, and 3-D modeling;
  • Specialized camera, fence , access control, and sensor systems;
  • Regulatory agency interface requirements and approvals;
  • Site surveys, risk analysis, As-is assessments, and reports;
  • Maintenance planning and logistics support;
  • Environmental engineering; and 
  • Cost estimating.